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Tea Party

Tea Party

I love going to afternoon tea, but I also love throwing a tea party! There is a lot of work involved but it is such a rewarding feeling when everything comes together. However, the most rewarding part is enjoying it with your family and friends. 

A beautiful spread.

Last Saturday, my sister threw a fantastic tea party! While everyone contributed by bringing something, she was the mastermind and designer behind the whole affair. She had been looking forward to her party for weeks and had everything set in place when it began to snow on the eve of the party. It snowed A LOT (for Vancouver at least), and not all of us are equipped to drive in it. However, the next morning the sun came out and the majority of the guests made it to the party— not because they love afternoon tea, but becuase they love my sister. We didn’t let her down, and in reward, we were treated to an absolutely lovely afternoon! 

Cold Pea Soup. My favourite!

We started with savouries: croissants with ham and cheese and another set with spinach and feta, cucumber sandwiches with dill cream cheese (delicious!!!)—such a great addition to a beloved classic, and cold pea soup shots (my favourite!!). We also had incredible avocado toast (Gordon Ramsey’s Avocado Toast with a Twist) that was to die for!         

The best avocado toast!

Next, we had scones with cream and sparkly jam! It had edible sparkles in it! 

Can you see the sparkles? Look carefully!

Then we moved to dessert: lavender shortbread cookies, mini pastries, macarons, cupcakes, raspberry chocolate cake bites, and yummy British candies. 

Lavender Shortbread

All of this was served on Old Country Rose, Royal Albert china. 

We then had a tea guessing game: we smelled dry teas and had to identify them from a list. I won first place! LOL!  

Could you guess the types of tea, just by smelling them?

Then we took a tea quiz that tested our general tea knowledge. I tied for first place 🙂 

Tea Quiz!

It was a wonderful afternoon full of delicious food, yummy teas and lots of laughs! What could be better! Brava, my sister! You really are a divine hostess! 

Jenni and I 🙂