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Tea Lover’s Gift Guide (The Perfect Gift for the Tea Lover in Your Life)
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Tea Lover’s Gift Guide (The Perfect Gift for the Tea Lover in Your Life)

Need a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift for the tea lover in your life? I’ve got some sweet ideas that they will love!!!

Discloser: Affiliate links are present in this post. I earn a small commission from any direct says through the use of these links.

It’s not always easy finding the perfect gift these days, with so many choices and no idea where to start. Let us help you narrow your options. Check out our Tea Lover’s Gift Guide below.

Gift Certificate to a Local Afternoon Tea Salon

Wherever you are in the world there will be a cafe, hotel or tea salon serving a delicious afternoon tea. Purchase a gift certificate to a local place or surprise a friend by paying for their tea 🙂 If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, then you can check out any of our reviews to see which establishment would be best for your taste and your budget.

Tea Lover's Gift Guide: Afternoon Tea at Le Petite Cuilliare

Temperature Select Kettle

Did you know that certain types of teas are supposed to be brewed at specific temperatures? These types of kettles allow you to select the temperature that is best for the type of tea that you are brewing. They can also have other fun features like a keep-warm function or timed brews. Several brands make these kettles. I have linked the exact kettle that I own here.

Tea Lover's Gift Guide: Cuisinart Kettle

Modern Teaware (Sara Miller London’s Chelsea Collection)

Sara Miller London’s Chelsea Collection with Portmeirion is my favourite teaware. From teacups and mugs to serving trays and teapots, there are many pieces in this stunning set. They are often adding new products to this collection like vases and champagne glasses. I started to collect Sara Miller’s Chelsea pieces a few years ago and I love to take it out when I’m hosting my friends and family at tea time.

Tea Lover's Gift Guide: Turqouise tea cup with colourful birds on it

Classic Teaware (Royal Albert)

Tea Lover's Gift Guide: Ornate Royal Albert Mug

Tea (obviously lol!)

There are many wonderful tea brands throughout the world. Before purchasing tea for your friend or loved one, take note of what kind of teas they usually drink. Are they a serious tea drinker who sips tea as part of a meditative tea ceremony? Do they drink herbal teas for various health benefits? Do they love a good tea latte made with spicy or black teas, like Chai or English Breakfast? These observations will help you figure out what direction to go on the busy map of worldwide tea drinking. I’ve linked a few of my favourites to my Amazon list.

Tea Lover's Gift Guide: Stash Tea Boxes

Don’t be afraid to buy some local tea blends from your loved one’s favourite tea salon. They often make delightful in-house blends.

Make sure you check ingredient lists carefully if the gift recipient has any kind of food allergies, as tea blends can have many varied ingredients.

Travel Tumbler

I’ve tried many travel tumblers over the years, trying to find one that would keep my tea at the perfect temperature, not burn my hands, and not spill in my car. It’s also important that the mouthpiece is pleasant to use and that it is machine washable. Who wants to wash everything by hand? Not me. The Corkcicle brand makes my favourite tumbler and you can find it on Amazon or through a number of other retailers.

Tea Lover's Gift Guide: Corkcicle Tumbler

Thanks for checking out our Tea Lover’s Gift Guide and follow us on Instagram for our latest posts, and reviews!