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Fairmont Vancouver Airport

Fairmont Vancouver Airport

We have been to tea at the Fairmont YVR a number of times, and each time it has been an enjoyable experience. This review is based on the tea we attended in May 2018. 

Three tiered afternoon tea.

At full price, this tea is $69 dollars for adults and $35 dollars for children. However, there is almost always a Groupon available for the adult afternoon tea that cuts the price in half and includes parking. However, keep in mind that you need to tip on what the full price of the meal would have been without the Groupon discount, and that any cocktails you consume will add to the price as well. 

Click here to view the full menu online.

They are also able to accommodate a number of food restrictions, but it would be best to call ahead to allow the kitchen time to prepare alternatives. 


We were a bit early for tea, so we started off with some drinks in the lounge. Lily had some Prosecco and I enjoyed the Liquified Sunshine cocktail. It was excellent— citrusy and refreshing! However, if you are planning to have a drink, it would be better to order it at tea because the prices are reduced by four dollars ($12 instead of $16), though not all of the cocktails are available at afternoon tea. 

The Liquified Sunshine Cocktail.

We were surprised to see that some of the teas had an additional cost ranging from $3 to $5. This is a bit disappointing, since the starting price of the meal is so steep. There were also two teas offered that were not on the menu: Spiced Apple and Chai. 

Tea is served in a tea press.

Creamy Earl Grey (Lily’s Choice):This tea was exactly as one would expect, though it wasn’t the best we have tasted. 

Chai (Melanie’s Choice): It was a delicious flavour, but it didn’t pair well with much of the food, so I wouldn’t recommend having it at afternoon tea. 

Spiced Apple (Rebecca’s Choice): Similar to an apple cider flavour, with less sweetness. 

Joie De Provence (Jenni’s Choice) —additional $3 cost:This is a herbal rooibos tea, with berry notes. It was pleasant, but not very flavorful or sweet.  

Ice Tea (Zachary’s choice) – additional charge: This was tart and sweet – a refreshing and recommended choice. 

Cocktails and Bubbly are an additional $12. 


The scones were both well made. The Sweet Butter scone was nothing special, but the Apricot and Rosemary was unique and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The scones were paired with a traditional Devonshire cream and strawberry jam. 

The traditional scones.

Rebecca ordered a Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free afternoon tea. She was served Bran Muffins (gluten-free bran?—if you have celiac disease you should inquire further)  instead of scones. They were moist and flavourful. She enjoyed them. 

Muffins replace scones in the Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free Tea.


The meal starts with a shot glass of warm Spring Pea Soup, with a truffle foam. It was scrumptious but I think I would have preferred it cold. Also, the truffle foam was so subtle that it was difficult to detect any truffle flavour at all. As all groups, we have a variety of palettes and did not all enjoy the same things.

We all enjoyed the Devilled Egg Salad. The maple pepper bacon and generous use of dill made this Lily’s favourite. 

My favourite was the Sidestripe Shrimp Louie. I love shrimp and avocado, but with the addition of the caviar, this savoury was taken to a whole new level!

The Coronation Chicken was beautiful to look at. It was a curried chicken, which wasn’t to everyone’s taste. However, my sisters enjoyed it. 

The Coronation Chicken savoury.

The Beet Mosaic was the table’s least favourite. There was too much beet and too little phyllo and goat cheese. 

The Gluten-Free / Lactose-Free savouries included the Coronation Chicken on gluten-free bread and other similar fare. 

The Gluten-Free and Lactose Free Tea


All of the desserts were delightful. 

Our table particularly enjoyed the Lavender Meringue. The meringue was flavourful and sweet and it was stunning on the plate. 

The dessert tier.

The Lot35 Earl Grey Shortbread was buttery, fresh and soft. As a shortbread lover, it was definitely one of my favourites. 

The Milk Tea Cheesecake had a very subtle, yet enjoyable, flavour.

The Ginger Chocolate Cake was rich and chocolatey. It was filling for such a small dessert. 

The Gluten-Free/Lactose-Free desserts included an oat square, a sort of fruit leather with chocolate, the meringue, and a chocolate and nut covered strawberry. The meringue and strawberry were the favourites. 

Ambiance, Service, General Experience


The Globe@YVR is a beautiful restaurant. It has very large windows that look down onto the outdoor loading area for planes. These windows provide lots of natural light. Though it is at the airport, the restaurant is quiet and serene – an oasis inside of an international travel hub. I would recommend that travellers, who are early for their flights, come to the Globe@YVR for a drink and a break from the stress of travelling. It will definitely make one feel rejuvenated. Also, at Afternoon Tea time it is usually not very busy, so you don’t feel crowded and you don’t get forgotten. 


The service was very good. The server returned to our table many times during the meal to check on us and to clear away what he could. He was professional, pleasant and cheerful. 


The ladies washroom at the Fairmont Airport.

The bathrooms are quite spectacular at the Fairmont YVR. Fresh hand towels, lots of mirrors and glass- all add a touch of luxury. 

One of the best elements of this hotel and restaurant is that is wheelchair accessible. Elevators, large doorways and open floor plans allow for lots of room and easy access for people of all abilities. 

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