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Tracycakes (Madhatter’s Tea)

Tracycakes (Madhatter’s Tea)

Tracycakes has two locations – one in Langley and one in Abbotsford. We went to the Langley location and attended their Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea in March 2018. The “Mad Hatter” theme did not apply to the menu but they had added some fun decorations to their tearoom. 

Their Signature High Tea currently costs $20 for an adult and $12 for a child. 

Most of our party ordered their Signature High Tea service, however, one person (my little sister) had the Gluten Free High Tea and another (my cousin) asked for a vegetarian option. The Gluten Free High Tea treats were just as delicious as the Signature High Tea offerings. There is no set vegetarian option, so my cousin had to liaise with the server and chef to make sure that the vegetarian offerings fit with her personal food restrictions. The staff were very accommodating and wanted to make sure that everything was made correctly to meet our needs. 

We have been to Tracycakes a few times over the years and we all agree that it is a great experience for a such a low price point – a perfect fit for those who want a fun high tea experience without breaking the bank. We give it our *Best Value* distinction for this reason.  


There are many teas to choose from (see photos) and I’m sure everyone can find something to suit their palate:

Very Berry (Melanie’s choice) – Delicious on its own, or with milk and sugar, best for those who like sweet flavours. 

Vanilla Bean (my cousins’ choice) – It was much darker and more bitter than they anticipated and neither enjoyed it much.

Earl Grey Cream (my mother’s choice) – Exactly what it should be – a hit with everyone at the table. You can’t go wrong with a good Earl Grey Cream! 


The scones here are large, and I think they are the best part of this high tea, so if you are going to indulge in something, make it the scones.


There was a selection for savouries offered with the Signature High Tea – various wraps, cold sandwiches and a baked cheese pastry. They tasted good, but I wished they were larger or there was more of them. 

Favourites were the egg salad, the cucumber, and the egg salad with arugula. The little wraps were our least favourite of the savouries.

We all agreed that there was not enough savoury in this high tea. If the savouries were more substantial than there wouldn’t be a need to fill up on the sweets. We would recommend that they add to the savouries and remove some of the sweets. 


Best of the sweet were the cupcakes and lemon cookies. The lemon cookies are simple and have great flavour.

The mini cupcakes come in a variety of flavours and colours, and include delicious fillings. The orange creamsicle flavour was a real treat.  

Our least preferred dessert was the brownies, that had a pink frosting we found to be overly sweet. 

Ambiance, Service, General Experience


Tracycakes in Langley is located in a small heritage house. It is cute and quaint, with lots of natural light and big windows. The Mad Hatter themed decorations added some fun flare to the tearoom. 

Everything was clean and serviceable, but the cutlery and china could use some TLC. A number of the tea cups are very pretty, but there are definitely some duds. They could also use something like small mason jars for their jams to add a bit more charm to the table.  Overall, these are picky details which don’t affect your experience too much.

I have noticed they typically have pop and classic rock music playing when we visit for tea. I would prefer a relaxing and calm atmosphere when I go for tea and would chose something softer and quieter so guests can hear conversations at their tables more easily. 


At this location, they have around 5 tables, and look like they could seat up to ~30 people. On this occasion, the server was friendly and helpful, but there was only one server for the whole tearoom so she seemed very busy. However, on another occasion, my party was the only group in the tea room and the server checked in on us minimally. Therefore, I can’t guarantee what the service will be like if you decide to go in the future. I assume it will depend on who is working and how many people are being served. 


There is one washroom for the tearoom and it is small and narrow, likely because the location is a heritage house. There is a ramp that leads to the tea room.

Below are some pictures of a subsequent visit to Tracycakes in August 2018.