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Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (Silver Screen Tea)

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (Silver Screen Tea)

Notch8 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver serves a new themed tea every few months. We attended this tea on February 11th. 2018. SEE THE FULL MENU BELOW.

It was a pleasant experience, but for $65 a person, we expected something more.


There were a decent number of teas on offer, with a wide range of flavours. Anyone could find something that they will enjoy.



A remarkably heady earl grey tempered with wickedly delicious cream flavour.

-it wasn’t as creamy as they state but it was a decent Earl Grey, though we have tried better


A delicious fresh and piquant white grape flavour with hints of exotic fruit that pleasantly lingers on the tongue.

-Tasted like a mix between a black tea and a fruit/herbal tea. Delicious by itself or with cream and sugar.

COCKTAILS (an additional $16 each):

THE MARILYN: Finlandia, Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Lemon, Sparkling

My mother had this delicious cocktail. She loved it! Refreshing and “not too sweet”. Bubbly, frothy and fresh 🙂 Just remember that if you want one it costs extra. My mom thought it was worth it though. LOL!

THE HEPBURN: Tanqueray, Crème de Cassis, Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon, Honey Syrup

-Named after two of my favourite actresses, this was my cocktail and it was incredible! It almost tasted a bit like an ice tea but so much better. I could have had many more. But I didn’t.


Cranberry Scone and Giandujia Chocolate Scone (Nutella is what they told us) with Citrus Butter and Clotted Cream:

The BEST part of the tea by far were these scones. Both my mother and I preferred the cranberry scone with the lemon butter. It was scrumptious! The chocolate scone was great too. We would recommend eating it without any toppings, so that you can really taste the hazelnut in the dough.


Steak “Oscar” Truffle Sandwich (Tenderloin, Dungeness Crab, Béarnaise Aioli) : Looks weird but tastes great! My favourite savoury by far!

Cobb Salad on Melba Toast (Turkey, Bacon, Avocado, Eggs, Tomato, Blue Cheese) My mom’s favourite savoury! I liked it but it was a bit salty for me.

Green Goddess Salad (Lobster and Ruby Red Grapefruit Butter Lettuce, Heart of Palm, Brioche): Good taste and a nice mix of flavours.

Chicken A la Keene Gougère (Creamed Chicken, Sautéed Mushrooms, Peppers, Savory Choux Pastry, Hazelnuts) : This is a surprising savoury! The pastry is slightly sweet but the stuffing is decidedly meaty. I enjoyed the interplay of two.

Caviar and Smoked Salmon Devilled Egg : I love smoked salmon, so I enjoyed this savoury. However, Lily was against it. If you don’t enjoy a strong salmon taste, you won’t  be pleased with it.


Chocolate Tuxedo (Flourless Chocolate Cake) : Very rich, very filling. Has a dark chocolate bite to it.

Lights, Camera, Action (Green Tea & Cherry Gateaux Clapboard) : The Green Tea flavour was not to our liking because it was a bit too strong.

Reel to Reel (Shortbread, Burnt Caramel Cream and Cocoa Nib): The cookie was nothing special but the filling was scrumptious. What a cute treat!

Walk of Fame (Devil’s Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Crémeux Star) : As you would expect, the star didn’t taste great, but the cake was delicious. My favourite dessert. Rich and creamy!

Marilyn Linzer (Linzer Tart, Passion & Mango Fluid Gel, Almond Crisp, Passion Fruit Foam) : The foam was delicious, but the tart was DRY, very dry—inedible after such great textures and flavours came before it.

Ambiance, Service, General Experience


The afternoon tea room is offset from the rest of the Notch8 dining areas. You descend a few steps and there is a marked decrease in noise. The afternoon tea room was decorated nicely for the theme. There was a movie being projected on a curtained area of the wall, there were popcorn boxes and pictures of movie stars spread around, there were movie posters hung up and a popcorn maker with the Notch8 logo.

Overall, it is a nice atmosphere to enjoy your tea. However, it is dark—quite dark. Afternoon tea should preferrably be set in a place where you can enjoy a view or at least an abundance of natural light. Unfortunately, at Notch8 that is not the case.


The service was impeccable. Our server was kind, attentive, and energetic— ready to help with anything that we needed and answer any questions that we had.


I know it seems strange but I think that the washroom of a restaurant should also be a pleasant experience. Furthermore, for those who have medical issues, restroom accessibility and cleanliness can be very important. The restroom just off of the restaurant had a broken paper towel dispenser, and a light fixture was burnt out. It was also very small and there was a line up for the stalls when either of us visited. Visitors in wheelchairs will need to be assisted out of the tearoom and the restaurant to get to the restroom as there are stairs leading from each. The small quarters of the restroom are not ideal for those with mobility issues.