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Neverland Tea Salon

Neverland Tea Salon

This was our second visit to Neverland Tea Salon. This review is based on a tea that we attended in September 2018. 

Neverland offers four different high teas, based on price and amount of food/tea provided: 

TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND Bubbly High Tea | $48 per person
Includes a sparkling wine, rosè or mimosa, never-ending pots of tea and all courses. 

A GRANDE ADVENTURE High Tea | $38 per person (Never-ending pots of tea and all courses)

A Grande Adventure High Tea

TINKERBELL’S High Tea | $22 per child (Three savouries and three sweets with up to two pots of tea)

Click here to view their Children’s Tea Menu. 

Demi Tea | $30 per person (Two pots of tea with half of the menu items of the Grande Adventure) 

They say “no substitutions”, but we were able to make one without any trouble as it was related to a dietary restriction. 

Once you have chosen between these four sizes of high tea, you then choose which typeyou will have. The options are:

Traditional, Gluten and Dairy free, Vegetarian or Vegan 

You can click here to look at a list of some of the offerings. 

The Gluten-Free High Tea


The tea menu at Neverland is extensive! There are many kinds of tea to choose from in a multitude of flavours.

 The TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND and A GRANDE ADVENTURE high teas come with never-ending pots of tea – this means that you can try as many different kinds of tea as you want! Most tea rooms do not offer an option like this. The other two options come with two pots of tea, which means that you can try up to two different teas. 

I love this feature of the Neverland High Tea experience! It allows patrons to be more adventurous with their choices, since they know that they can order something else whenever they choose. 

Neverland also allows you to choose a tea latte, as one of your “pots of tea”. Of course, I had to try one!

Click here to view their full tea menu. 

London Fog

Besides the teas, there are also alcoholic beverages on offer. They have a nice selection of sparkling wine, tipsy tea lattes and tea infused cocktails. 

Our selections were as follows: 


  • Vanilla Ice Cream Tea (Scented Black Tea) — “A divine combination of smooth black tea and creamy vanilla.” I enjoyed it quite a bit. Creamy but not too sweet. Could be taken with or without milk and sugar. 
  • Peach and Blood Orange Spritzer (Tea Infused Cocktail) — “Peach Absolut, ‘Southern Peach’ iced tea, blood orange syrup, prosecco.” I really liked this cocktail and would definitely order it again. 
  • London Fog (Tea Latte) — “Always a latte. Vanilla-infused Earl Grey topped with steamed milk.” This latte came in a large mug, and tasted delicious. I highly recommend taking advantage of the tea latte option. 
Peach and Blood Orange Spritzer– A tipsy tea 🙂


  • Canadian Maple (Scented Black Tea)— “Real maple syrup and a hint of almond.” This was very good, but could have used more maple flavour. 
  • Heavenly Cream (Scented Black Tea)— “Exceptionally smooth, notes of creamy vanilla and bergamot.” It was tasty, but we recommend adding milk to this one. 


  • Vanilla Rooibos (Rooibos)— “Comforting and familiar, this caffeine-free tea also makes a delightful latte.” Rebecca said that it was great! 


  • Hazelnut (Scented Black)— “This Ceylon is blended with roasted hazelnuts for a rich, nutty cup.” Smelled wonderful and tasted quite good. 


  • Pink Lemonade (Herbal and Fruit Tisane)— “A sweet and tart infusion of grapefruit, pineapple, and hibiscus.” Light, fruity and pleasant. 
  • Earl Grey Rooibos (Rooibos)— “The caffeine-free version of your classic Earl Grey.” Tasted flowery.


The scones were pretty to look at, but they were our least favourite part of the tea. They were a bit too plain and “biscuit- like” for our taste. However, they were a good size, and definitely decent-tasting. 

The scones of the Grand Adventure Tea.


The savouries were of a good size and they were of excellent flavour. They were one of the most impressive parts of the high tea experience! The flavour combinations reminded me of the tea sandwiches I had in London, England. 

Most of us had the “Traditional” menu.

  • Thai Red Curry Egg Salad (mango chutney, red pepper, red onion & cucumber) This sandwich was universally loved by the entire table. The Thai red curry was not too spicy and it added a beautiful pop of unexpected flavour to the egg salad. The consistency with the added cucumber was fantastic. 
  • Tarragon Chicken Salad (candied walnuts, salt roasted pears & pickled grapes) This was Jennifer’s favourite and the rest of the group also enjoyed it. A very clever combination of interesting elements— the roasted pears and pickled grapes in particular. 
  • Lemon-Herb Mascarpone (cucumber & arugula)
    Traditional with a slight twist — thoroughly delicious. 
The delectable savouries.
  • Prosciutto Croissant (pears, honey mustard with brie cheese served warm on a croissant) Everything about this sandwich was wonderful, especially the creamy brie. 
  • Goat Cheese Mousse (asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, with Lapsang French dressing) A treat in every way. It is a well done combination of flavours. 

Rebecca had the Gluten and Dairy free Demi Tea. She enjoyed all of the savoury selections. 


The sweets were very good also. Each one of us found a different favourite. 

  • Raspberry Vanilla Cream Puff (cream puff with raspberry cream filling). Absolutely perfect dessert. Fresh, light and flavourful. 
  • Lemon and Almond Tart (with fresh kiwi salad). This was good, but our least favourite, since the other treats were extraordinary. 
  • Blueberry Jasmine and Mascarpone Mousse. This was my grandmother’s favourite. 
  • Chocolate and Caramel Mousse Dome (on brownie base). Melanie and Lily’s favourite. Delicious chocolate and the brownie base was perfection. 
The sweet selection.

Rebecca’s Gluten and Dairy free sweets were:

  • Orange Cake (with Vegan Dark Chocolate Ganache) This was scrumptious. 
  • Vegan Mini Churros (with chocolate sauce) These were cinnamony and yummy. 
Vegan Mini Churros and Orange Cake

Ambiance, Service and General Experience


This Peter Pan themed tea room is nicely decorated. Tea cups and chandeliers hang from the ceiling and cute quotes speckle the walls. It is a beautiful place, mixing refined aspects with “shabby-chic”. 

Children are welcome in this whimsical place, making it a perfect spot for a full family tea outing. 

The one negative aspect of this tea salon is the noise level. Due to the warehouse ceiling, there is quite a bit of reverberation and so the sound of chatting is pretty loud, although you are still able to talk with those at your table fairly easily. Perhaps some noise reducing panels could improve this element, but the positive aspects of this location far outweigh this one setback. 

Lovely quotes are featured on the walls.


The service at Neverland was superb! There was lots of staff, and someone was always on the lookout to make sure everything was going well at each table. Our server was personable and had a good sense of humour. She was efficient, knowledgeable and accommodating. Everything we asked for came promptly and was correct. We were very impressed by the service at Neverland. 

General Experience: 

We had a truly wonderful experience at Neverland Tea Salon. The food was excellent, the service was impeccable and the ambiance was charming. It is such a joy to see children and their families enjoying high tea together in such an inviting atmosphere. We loved the fact that we could try as many different teas as we wanted and the inclusion of lattes was fantastic! The savouries are works of culinary genius and delicious too. We highly recommend Neverland Tea Salon and hope you will try it soon. 

A few more images: