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TWG, which stands for The Wellbeing Group, was established in Singapore in 1837 and has been selling teas ever since. They have boutiques and tea salons all over the world and – lucky for us – they have just recently opened a location in Vancouver. If you trust our reviews, you will be trying the fare at TWG very soon! 

The beautiful Vancouver location.

TWG has an extensive menu. You can order breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as afternoon tea in various forms. They offer seasonal tea selections as well as a “Daily Menu” of “Tea Time” options, that are available between 2:00 and 6:00pm. There are three options: 1837 ($19), CHIC ($32), or FORTUNE ($39).

You can view the full Tea Time options by clicking here. 

We decided to try one of the seasonal afternoon teas and one of the daily options, so we ordered the HARVEST TEA ($48),

which you can view by clicking here,

and the CHIC TEA ($32). 


TWG has one of the longest tea lists I have ever seen. There are pages and pages of options to choose from. You can choose hot or iced tea with your afternoon tea. 

You can view their tea choices on their online store by clicking here.

You can also order tea-infused cocktails or mocktails, as well as wine or champagne. 

The English Breakfast

ENGLISH BREAKFAST: This was Lily’s choice with her CHIC TEA. It is described as follows: “This classic was originally blended as an accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast. Very strong and full-bodied with light floral undertones, this TWG Tea broken-leaf black tea is perfect with morning toast and marmalade.” This tea has a classic taste and is what we expected. 

DANCING TEA (ICED): This was the recommended iced tea for the HARVEST TEA and it is described as follows “Evocative of Victorian tea dances, this elegant and stylish creation features and embracing black tea highlighted by fresh citrus peels. An enchanting cup for the light of foot.” This tea had a nice flavour. It arrived unsweetened and you can add sugar if you wish. I think it also would have been excellent served hot. 

Iced Dancing Tea


The CHIC TEA comes with a plain scone and a cranberry scone or there is the option of having muffins or a cake from the trolley. We tried the scones. 

Both scones were phenomenal! They were excellent! The consistency of the outside is delicately crisp and the inside is fluffy and soft— nothing less than perfect. The flavour of the dough is buttery and beautiful. We LOVED these scones and highly recommend them! 

The scones come with whipped cream and TWG Tea jelly. The jelly was fantastic. A bold and delicious tea flavour in a sweet, shiny package. The jam complimented the scones very well. 

Please note that the HARVEST TEA does not come with scones, though I am sure they can be added for a fee. 


Overall, the savouries were beautifully presented and the favours were elegantly mixed to make complex and appetizing creations. 


SMOKED SALMON and horseradish cream with nori and Genmaicha furikake: This was a very well-executed sandwich. It looked attractive and it tastes even better. The Genmaicha sprinkled on top is a unique and welcome twist on a traditional sandwich. 

MIMOSA EGG SANDWICH with aioli and mirror quail eggs: This was a super cute savoury and the flavours were well balanced. 

The Mimosa Egg Sandwich

SMOKEY RUSSIAN TEA infused tomato bread with pesto chicken and stracciatella cheese: This savoury may be small, but it packed a big punch of flavour and the pesto added real pizazz. 


WILD MUSHROOM TART infused with Imperial Pu-Erh, garnished with micro greens: This was delicious! The tart was buttery and flaky and the mushroom filling was hearty, warm, and flavoured to perfection.

The Jasmine Queen Tea-Infused Croquette and the Wild Mushroom Tart

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP with Tibetan Secret Tea infused foam and caramelized pumpkin seeds: Warm and filling on a cold rainy day, this is a very sippable savoury. 

JASMINE QUEEN TEA-INFUSED CROQUETTE with escargot, garlic and parsley served on a spinach coulis: I have never had escargot before, so I was a bit wary of this one. However, it was surprisingly good and the outside of the croquette was fried to perfection. 

SEARED FOIE GRAS on chestnut crumble with a Weekend in Saint Tropez Tea-infused blackberry jam: a moist and well flavoured foie gras and the jam really makes this savoury come to life. 

SALMON GRAVLAX cured with Magic Moment Tea, wrapped with shredded coconut: I have never tasted anything like this, but it worked well.


The CHIC TEA does not include sweets (only the scones, muffins or cake).


SINGAPORE BREAKFAST TEA infused tarte tartin: Tastes like a mini apple pie. Worked really well with the harvest theme and the tea infusion tasted great. 

MON AMOUR TEA PANNA COTTA with pecan and oat crumble and maple syrup jelly: The layers are so appealingly displayed that it would almost be a shame to eat it, if it wasn’t so tasty. 

PISTACHIO and CHERRY CHOUX PUFF infused with Festive Night Tea: perfect choux and bold pistachio flavour. A well-conceived creation. 

CITRUS CAKE infused with Timeless Tea: This sweet sparkled—literally! There was a white sparkly glaze on this gorgeous cake. So pretty and a light, yummy taste. 

TWG TEA INFUSED MACARON: Ours was the chocolate earl grey macaron. We were very impressed with this macaron. There was a balanced blend of the chocolate and the bold earl gray inside the smooth, sweet almond flour shell. 

The sweet selection.

Ambiance, Service and General Experience


This is a very elegant tea salon. Gold, crystals and mirrors are everywhere that you look. Beautiful TWG tins line the room and the many mirrors make the space look much larger than it is. From the moment you step into the tearoom, you feel that you have entered a more refined and peaceful world. There is light, instrumental music playing. We were there on a Tuesday afternoon and it was not overly crowded. This helped to ensure a nice, quiet atmosphere for enjoying our tea. The washrooms are close by and cleanly. Though there are no wheelchair stalls, the access to the washroom itself is accessible. 

The store and tea room are beautifully designed.


The servers are dressed sharply and have good customer service. Lily’s tea was more tepid than she likes it, and it took no time for them to bring her a new pot at a temperature she preferred. 


We had a wonderful time at TWG. We liked that there were lots of different options at varying price points, so that everyone can enjoy something that fits their budget and how hungry they happen to be. We LOVED how they incorporated their teas into every aspect of the food.This is not simply a gimmick, but rather the tea infusions are expertly paired with other flavours to make a unique and exciting experience. As we mentioned before, the scones are incredible and if you try nothing else, you must try the scones! We would highly recommend TWG for afternoon tea and we know we will be back soon. 

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